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We introduce ourselves as the largest manufacturer of Bread and bakery products in the entire north eastern region.
 Established in 1983
– First to come up with a state of art environmental friendly automatic bread plant in hygienic conditions in the entire NE Region.
– We started up with the tag line – “Machine Made, Sliced Bread”
The thought process behind the tag line was –
‘Machine Made’ as all the other players were making breads manually at that time and
‘Sliced Bread’ as almost all the other players were not equipped to provide sliced breads.

The manufacturing unit is established in an area measuring 1 acres appx. on Amingaon, Guwahati.The company has adequate building area of 30,000 sq.ft and other facilities are in place to cater to the existing as well as future requirements of the unit.

The products of the co. are well established in the market in terms of their quality, price and service and enjoy a good brand image in the market as well. The company has considerable presence in the NE Region.

From Breads to Cookies and Beyond!
– Initially, we started up with making traditional breads. Over the years we have started making Milk Breads, Atta Breads, Brown Breads, Multii Grain Breads, Sweet Fruit Buns,Cookies, Rusks, Toasts, Chilly Toast, Pizza Breads, Pav Buns,Cream Breads and other bakery products in different Sizes and Packaging.

– We are also on the lookout for coming with new and innovative products to satisfy the needs of our customers.

-We have also attained ISO 22000:2005(HACCP) certification, by following Food Safety Management System(FSMS).

– The company is always on a constant lookout for up gradation in terms of adopting new technology and developments.